We've Reached 10,000 Young Professionals!

May 10, 2018
By Judith Baeta

Big News Alert! At Paddl, we are very excited to announce that Paddl's Community of Young Professionals has reached 10,000! Since the very beginning, our mission has been to help the new generation of talent gather and showcase relevant experience and there are now 10,000 Paddlrs that have jumped on board.

Meet our Paddlrs

Have you ever wondered what does this community of young professionals looks like? Or whether you would be able to find the qualified candidates you need for your industry? This seems a good opportunity to dive into the community and share some insights on what makes our Paddlrs so awesome.

Spoiler Alert! The answer is YES, we have it all covered.

Paddl connects employers with relevant talent in every industry.

Paddl users come from different backgrounds and qualifications which have allowed them to develop a variety of skills in areas of study like Engineering, Technology, Health, Business, Sciences, Media and Communications, Arts, Retail & Hospitality and much more...

Looking at very particular cases, even if you have an immediate need for a qualified young professional with a Bachelor of Games Designs and Development or a Bachelor of Food Studies, you’ve come to the right place!

Paddlrs by Skills

Note: The graph depicts 'Skill Categories' that may include several Skills (e.g. Commerce includes Business Development, Banking & Finance and International Business amongst others). Also, users may have several Skills from multiple Skills Categories.

We continue to grow every day welcoming professionals from around the globe.

Even though we started this journey in Australia, Paddl aims to create a global community. Indeed, we have connected with eager students and graduates seeking to discover new experiences on their professional journeys in different countries. We have campus locations in six continents!

We also have international employers from the USA, UK, France and India, who have already posted job opportunities on our platform.

Paddl Campus Locations

Paddl Campus Locations

And as we grow with the community, the community grows with us. 

When we talk about Young Professionals and qualified talent we really mean it. While above 48% of Paddl users are currently studying or have completed a Bachelor's Degree, a 26% of this community has gone one step beyond and have Doctorate or Master qualifications.

At the same time, Paddlrs are looking to prove their job readiness: students that have not yet graduated with a qualification, have proven professional experience and are keen to be involved.

Paddlrs by Qualification

Want to join the Paddl Community?

If you are an Employer looking for innovative tools to attract young talent, join Paddl and discover a talent pool curated just for you. If you’re looking to apply for opportunities through Paddl, join the Paddl community to gather experience on your professional journey today!