Tips on Making the Cut - Submitting a Successful Paddl Application

March 01, 2019
By Kim Fernandes

Paddl Games have become some of the most sought after opportunities on Paddl since they launched in early 2017. Supported and sponsored by iconic brands like Canon, Metro Trains, AGL Energy, Australia Post, Bunnings and most recently GrowthOps, applicants face fierce competition when applying to participate in a Paddl Games Challenge!

So how do you make sure your application stands out?

We’ve assessed thousands of Paddl Games applications, and have created a winning list to help make sure YOU land that next opportunity. Here are six things you can do to bring your Paddl Games application to the top!

1. Make sure to have a complete Paddl Explorer Profile - this means adding in Activity cards.

The traditional resume is copy-heavy, task oriented and laden with hidden experience. And often, they have to be rewritten or edited for each role you want to apply for. The Paddl Explorer Profile is here to fix that - designed to showcase your skills upfront and centre - with a summary of yourself and your experience, and then demonstrated value through activity cards. Activity Cards showcase what you have completed, what skills you’ve learnt, and lets employers see your experience easily.


So, if you're submitting your Paddl Games application without writing a complete summary and filling out Activity Cards, how will we know where you shine? Check out our Activity Cards blog here to help you get sorted.

2. Be diligent and submit your application early.

Paddl is improving the way employers and applicants discover, communicate and assess each other. So, if your profile is as easy to setup as we described above, imagine how easy it is for employers to know what skills they’re after! Don’t come off as disorganised or lazy, be thorough in your application and get it done early.

Not only will you show you're keen and organised, but you won't need to stress about making the deadline when you know your application has been submitted safe and sound.

Paddl Tip: Check your Paddl Explorer Profile frequently, so you don’t miss the next big opportunity. In some cases, the early bird really does gets the worm!

3. Take the time to address the Challenge Questions and provide relevant information.

We'll ask you to answer questions in your cover note because we want to hear about specific, relevant experience. So, writing a general cover note saying simply that you'd like to be involved in a Paddl Games Challenge probably won't help you all that much (although, being passionate is definitely a plus!). Get specific and provide information as to why you're applying - especially when you're asked to give examples specific to the challenge role.

For example, if you're telling us about the time you ran an event at uni or when you learnt to code on the weekend, explain how the skills you developed will be useful to you in a Paddl Games challenge. If you take the time to answer these questions well, you'll show you're not only on the ball but that you have the skills to back it up!


4. You have transferable skills - learn how to articulate them.

It's easy to assume that waiting tables or making coffee isn’t regarded as applicable experience to a corporate job, but in reality, it is. You develop skills and gain experience from everything you do - qualities that are easily transferable to working in an office!

If you've spent time working in a cafe you'll most likely have experience working in fast-paced, high-pressure environments, as part of a team and engaging with multiple customers at once (great multitasking experience). Or, if you've spent time working in retail, you'll no doubt have developed the ability to connect with people straight away through the sales process and perhaps even have had the chance to manage other staff.

Demonstrating how your skills transfer from different scenarios is just as valuable as showing you have experience in an internship or similar employment. Show how these kinds of experiences count by documenting them on your Paddl Explorer Profile with Activity Cards - learn how to sell those transferable skills that develop your overall brand!

Paddl Tip: Paddl Explorer Profiles can be shared with prospective employers, whether or not they are on Paddl, so you don’t have to worry about how to bring specific skills out in a traditional resume!

5. Explain, with examples, why your qualification or experience is relevant to the role.

As one of our Paddl users, Francoise Hill, famously said, "It’s no longer enough to have a degree.” Unfortunately the weight of your tertiary qualification doesn't mean as much as it used to. Now it’s more about your soft skills as well, and what you can demonstrate to the employer you are capable of handling (Check out the top 7 skills we recommend learning for 2019 here). Tell the complete story - show how your past experiences are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Tell us about the specific subject you took that inspired you to get involved with your local community, or a specific group task you completed at your last job that will prepare you well for a Paddl Games Challenge. The more detail the better - demonstrate why you have the experience that makes you perfect for Paddl Games!


6. Always double-check your application (or have someone else check) for grammar and spelling.

We can't stress enough how important this is! If you're submitting an application and it's littered with typos, you're unintentionally signalling that you haven't given enough thought and time to your application, or that you're not really invested in the opportunity.

Taking some time to read back over everything (reading aloud helps), or better yet, get second opinion from a friend or family member is the best way to make sure you pick up on errors and are putting your best foot forward. That way, you'll be sure to show you not only care about being involved in Paddl Games, but that you've taken the time to put together a perfectly worded application!

It’s Showtime

Applications for the COSBOA Innovation Games Sponsored by GrowthOps are open until Sunday 10th March, so get your profile up to date and add your activity cards today! Log into your Paddl Profile, or create one here.