The Successful Investor: Attitude and a Desire to Learn are Key for Interns

June 18, 2018
By Chris Girardi

A great benefit of internships for employers is that they offer access to new talent and fresh perspectives. At the same time, they allow you to nurture young professionals, helping them learn and develop to adjust to both your organisation and the broader workforce.

For The Successful Investor, the breadth of new talent they discovered on Paddl was overwhelming - so much so that they ended up hiring two social media interns, despite originally seeking just the one! They spoke to us about The Successful Investor's origins as well as what they look for in a new hire.


Tell us about The Successful Investor

The Successful Investor is a Property Investment Firm based in Melbourne, founded by Laurel and Michael Sloan in 2009. Our goal is to make property investing as simple as it can be and to guide our clients every step of the way.

Every client is taken through a step-by-step process called ‘The Formula’ before an investment opportunity is recommended. ‘The Formula’ is a process of informing and removing risk and our key to a happy and successful client. The more our clients know, the less likely they are to make an expensive mistake. The more risk removed, the more likely our clients will reach success.

What in particular do you look for in new talent?

We're always looking for someone with a good working attitude and a desire to learn. If these qualities are shown, it doesn’t matter what field the employee is hired in; they will be able to adjust to the working climate and become valued members of The Successful Investor team.

How did you go with your search? 

Paddl enabled an extremely easy process for us to find potential employees that, although may not have the experience or a full qualification, have a willingness to learn and develop. We simply placed a ‘Social Media Intern’ advertisement on the Paddl platform and had such fantastic responses that we decided to welcome two interns!

Paddl is delighted with the outcome of The Successful Investor's campaign with us, but we're also ecstatic to see that two positions were offered due to the extremely high quality of applicants!

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