The EdTech Awards shine a light on Paddl Games

April 24, 2019
By Kim Fernandes

The EdTech Awards, presented each year by EdTech Digest, celebrate individuals and businesses who impact 21st century educational transformation in positive ways, and are the largest and most competitive recognition program in education technology globally.

Paddl Co. are proud to be a finalist with our Paddl Games Challenges in the Trendsetter Awards category for 2019 for 'Product or Service setting a Trend!'

Who is EdTech Digest?

EdTech Digest is a platform aiming to reshape the education culture and ultimately create a better future for students. EdTech Digest does this by sharing new learning tools online, conducting interviews from those exploring innovative education practices and publishing articles on trends and voices amongst the field of education, in the hope of inspiring other leaders and learners across the globe. EdTech Digest explores innovations in education across K-12, higher education and the skills and workforce sectors.

Who and What do the EdTech Awards celebrate?

The EdTech Awards recognise the biggest names in education technology across the globe, as well as those who soon will be making an impact. They celebrate the who’s who of the industry, and the next trends in edtech that aim to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. The EdTech Awards program is in its ninth year running, and entries for the awards span three major categories - Cool Tool, Leadership and Trendsetter - with a range of acknowledgements awarded under each category. You can check out all the various awards here.

The ‘Cool Tool Award’ celebrates the latest learning-related technology developed, whether it be academic toys, interactive whiteboards, software systems or assessment technologies. The ‘Leadership Awards’ are bestowed on those who drive new trends or innovations - founders, visionaries, authors and the like. Finally, the ‘Trendsetters Award’ is for individuals or businesses who have developed innovative solutions in and around educational technology.


Paddl Co. was nominated as a ‘Trendsetter’ finalist, under the category ‘product or service setting a trend’ for it’s Paddl Games Challenges.

Paddl Games are one-day, hackathon-style events, where students and graduates work alongside small and medium sized businesses, major corporations and industry professionals in the room, to innovate solutions to real business challenges. These unique professional development opportunities presented by Paddl Co. allow participants to gain real workplace experience, put their theoretical skills into practise and expand their networks and professional connections.

How do I find out more?

The EdTech Awards recognise people, the products they produce and lives they shape. Each month of the EdTech editorial calendar focuses on a different theme around the education industry, and they produce a yearly report on the state of edtech. Check out their website here to find out more.

Paddl Games experiences are a unique way of demonstrating your capabilities amongst your peers, hiring managers and industry leaders. Applications for our next Paddl Games event are open now - Day 5 of the COSBOA Innovation Games, sponsored by EnergyAustralia, will be held on May 15th - so get your application in today!