Special Offer for Startups: Try Paddl for Free Until May 31

May 11, 2018
By Robelen Bajar

As a technology startup ourselves, we understand the hustle and grind of breathing life into our vision. We've all dealt with enough rejections and met plenty more nay-sayers that when we come across people who lend a hand or show their support, all doubts disappear.

So, we decided that this month, we'll support our fellow entrepreneurs and business owners by opening up our platform to all who are in search of some of Australia's most promising emerging talent.

Our web app paddljobs.com is a platform that provides powerful tools to attract promising individuals who are hungry for the opportunity to showcase their talent and potential. By posting a job or opportunity on Paddl, you'll kill time-wasting interviews with our Application Challenges which allow you to automatically score Applicants based on what’s important to you. 

How Paddl works

1. Craft your job campaign

Target the talent you want using advanced skills tagging, then share our beautiful job templates to attract only the best and most relevant Applicants. 

2. Challenge and score your Applicants

Use Insight Questions to test and score your Applicants against your core requirements. You can ask up to 10 Yes/No questions to filter and sort applications based on what matters to your business.

3. Get your shortlist

Shortlist Applicants with the best scores and unlock their contact details. Contact the applicant directly to organise the next steps in your hiring process.


  1. Attract the most suitable talent by skill set and location
  2. Save time by using Scorecards instead of resumes to create a shortlist
  3. Super-simple and easy to use

Paddl is for you if...

  1. You're looking to fill a casual, internship, project, entry-level or graduate role
  2. You're after people who are curious, tech-savvy, and eager to learn
  3. You're time-poor and want a simpler way to shortlist candidates
  4. You appreciate a beautifully designed app
  5. You want to support and train the next generation of young professionals (because you've been there, too)

Try Paddl for free until 31st May 2018

Normally $74, you can post a job campaign for free by 31st May using promo code: IMASTARTUP.  *This offer is not available for job campaigns that are Unpaid Internships. 

Get started today. Visit paddljobs.com.

Who is using Paddl?

Paddl Employers are diverse: they include startups like PayDock, hireup, AutoGuru and Kynd; large corporates like Aconex, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Canon, Compass Group, Metro Trains; and other small to medium sized businesses like Ansible, envirobank and 808 Dude.


Show your support for other entrepreneurs

Is there a way that you, too, could support our startup ecosystem? Comment below and we'll spread the word.

To post your job campaign, visit paddljobs.com.