Rezaul Alam - WSU Graduate: Paddl Games Challenger Profile

July 03, 2019
By Aaron O'Farrell

Paddl Co. first met Rezaul when he competed as a Challenger at the ABC Paddl Games in December, 2017. Rezaul was a stand-out Challenger at the ABC Games, making a significant effort to get the most out of the experience. We recently caught up with Rezaul to see how he’s been progressing since participating at Paddl Games. We also asked him to write up a summary of his time at WSU, his professional journey and his experience of competing at Paddl Games and how it helped him on his career path.

Rezaul competing at the ABC Paddl Games in 2017

Rezaul competing at the ABC Paddl Games in 2017

Hello, my name is Reza, and I came to Australia as an international student to study Accounting at Western Sydney University. 

Arriving in a new country as an international student isn’t easy. In the beginning, I found it hard to cope with everything, but soon things got a lot smoother and I settled in and really enjoyed my time at WSU. I graduated from Western in 2018 as a Master of Accountancy. 

Throughout my studies I was quite active in the university. I founded the International Students Association (WSISA) in 2017 - where I served as president for a year - and I was also Vice-Chair and International Student Representative on the university's student council. On top of that, I published three articles in students’ publication, W’SUP. I also served as a delegate for WSU to five other universities' leadership conferences. So I definitely kept myself busy.

These experiences really shaped me in a positive way. They helped me to develop as a leader, think critically, and helped me come up with better solutions to any problem, no matter the scenario. I feel all those skills are very transferable and applicable to the corporate world.

Rezaul at WSU

Rezaul at WSU

I competed at Paddl Games in 2017. The experience was really great. It was intense, but very rewarding. There were students from different universities and from very diverse backgrounds and disciplines. At first, I found that working with students from different universities wasn't easy, but I adapted, because this is how we learn and grow. The most fabulous part of being a Challenger was practising how to solve issues in real business cases and working alongside representatives from that business. 

Getting involved in extracurricular activities such as Paddl Games challenges is something I would definitely recommend all students should consider doing. To any Western student thinking about getting involved, I would tell them, go for it! Apply, enjoy yourself and learn from the experience. Also, rather than focusing on winning, it is more worthwhile to learn from the challenges.

Paddl Games are a great way to get involved in extracurricular activities. I think it's extremely important for any student to participate in extracurricular activities. It will help you to flourish your innermost capabilities, creativity and problem solving skills. Text books can't entirely help you to build these practical skills unless you are willing to step out of your own comfort zone. WSU offers many opportunities to the students to build these skills along with academic degrees, so get involved! My journey through WSU was so memorable because of those opportunities, and I will always be grateful to my university for helping me to be well prepared for real life.

Rezaul at work

Rezaul at work

After graduating from my Master of Accountancy at Western Sydney University in 2018, I landed a full-time job as an Assistant Accountant in a construction company. My job is basically working with numbers; I help a team meet its clients’ demands by preparing profit and loss accounts and keeping daily financial things on track. Those are my main responsibilities. 

Being an international student, it's not easy to get experience in local companies. There’s no doubt that international students face different challenges to local students.

I think any advice I have for WSU students, given my experience, would be for international students because I know exactly what most international students are going through. I would advise any international student to grab opportunities as soon as they appear. Your passion project might not appear right away, so for now, aim to build your experience and keep developing. Even if you can't see everything coming together right now, don't give up - keep trying hard. Get involved in opportunities like Paddl Games. Best of luck with your future!

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(This article was written using responses Rezaul Alam provided to questions asked by Paddl Co.)