Paddling Through the Trial Day

May 25, 2018
By Lucia Gajdosova

As part of the final challenge to join Team Paddl, we invited Lucia Gajdosova in for a trial day to learn more about Paddl and the people behind it all.

This was her experience 😁

A “trial day” sure can seem like a daunting experience for some, or at least I know it did to me at first. Before I started I was unsure what to expect or better - what would be expected of me. 

First impressions

I was impressed with Paddl from the beginning when I heard about their mission and even more after an interview which felt more like a relaxed chat over coffee with the VP, John. It was really obvious that they’re passionate about improving the hiring experience for both graduates and employers and I was eager to be a part of that which is why an invitation to spend a day at the office really excited me. However, I was still a bit nervous.

Luckily, the feeling soon went away as I got to the office and met the team. Being a startup company with only around 15 employees coming from 9 different countries they can proudly call themselves multicultural. The team and the vibe were very relaxed and welcoming and I immediately felt comfortable here. 

unnamed (5).jpg

Let's get started!

I later met with John who showed me around the office and explained the roles of the specific teams. I was also given a schedule with a set of tasks to tackle and meetings to attend throughout the day. These included introductions to a set of tools and practicing using them for a variety of scenarios.  

The first thing on my to-do list was a brief meeting with the software engineering team to become familiar with their daily tasks and challenges. I could really feel their passion for the product and innovative way of thinking. The atmosphere there was really positive and afterwards I joined a customer success team mate to get more immersed in the Paddl student community and communication. I was glad to get hands-on experience right away as I answered some of the inquiries and was asked to write a simple article about a product feature. The whole team was really sweet and helpful with anything I asked about. 


Team lunch...and some more fun work

I loved the idea of going for lunch together not only because I finally got to taste one of the best dumplings in Melbourne but because I got the chance to get to know everyone better. Although I believe that after eating everyone felt like having a nap, we returned back to the office and I got the chance to practice another, different task. I helped set up a senior meeting and got some tasty snacks for the attendees. As my trial day was about to end, I sat down to finish the last the things on my “list”- to write a blog about the whole experience. I aways enjoyed writing which is why I found this really pleasant and fun to do. 

unnamed (2).jpg

My trial day is almost over and I can honestly say that it has been a great experience. The people and the atmosphere they created made me feel really comfortable and happy to be there. Although the time passed really quickly I managed to get familiar with the tools and the community and handle a few of different tasks. Overall, it’s been a great beginning!

My work buddy for the day in her happy place

My work buddy for the day in her happy place