Paddl Profile: Sue Wong - Why Traditional CVs Don't Help Creatives

October 02, 2019
By Aaron O'Farrell

Sue Wong is a HongKonger studying at Envirotech on the Gold Coast. Sue won the award for Best Profile at the launch of the National Innovation Games on August 21st on the Gold Coast. Sue’s life journey and professional so far has been full of unique and fascinating experiences. We recently spoke to Sue to about those experiences and had a lot of fun hearing from her. She’s an awesome member of our community with a great attitude towards experiencing new things.

Hi Sue. Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself?

HEY YO! I’m SUE from Hong Kong. I actually graduated from university quite a long time ago from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a BA (Hons) in Design (Visual Communication), and I worked as a professional designer for years. From school to school, job to job, I simply aim to keep learning from everything. To fulfill the promise to myself, I made a BIG decision and came to Australia for a 2-year working holiday from 2014 to 2016. I met beautiful people, got lots of valuable experience in both rural and city areas, and experienced things that could be stranger than fiction. All these things totally inspired me and changed me.


After I finished the working holiday, I went back to Hong Kong and tried hard to get back into life there with other typical Hongkongers. However, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t get back in to the original life. I then started to adjust everything with my own rhythm, became a long-term freelance designer, got a flexible part time job which I enjoy, and started my own online shop in 2017 - The Tiny Little Shop On Earth - wandering around the world, looking for the lost parts, imperceptibly collecting some little treasures, and selling them on earth, with serendipity. I create my own world. I solo travel, I collect things, I write stories, I draw illustrations - all for my shop. And I am satisfied even if there is not much profit in it. 


So then, here I am, in Australia again as a student studying Business & Marketing. I need these fields of knowledge indeed!


Interests and hobbies? I’m a life designer, solar human, big foodie, love animals - Oh, and I love to practice and to experiment. I just launched my little branch 2 months ago - aliensue - trying my best to put the lost parts together, and deliver them to humans on earth. I am always spending my time on handcraft, and popping up to the weekend markets to share my experiences and listen to others.


Everything happens for a reason. I simply go with the flow, choose to be true to myself - being an alien is absolutely fine. I am 100% sure to say, I would stick with the earth, coffee, art and design for the rest of my life, and make my own unique café studio brick and mortar somewhere one day, happily ever after :P

 *Yes I know I might be just a dreamer, but who knows?

Sue volunteering at a school in SA

Sue volunteering at a school in SA

We love dreamers, Sue! At Paddl, we believe every person develops experience and skills in different ways but because of outdated CVs and resume requirements, not everybody is able to display their skills and experience. Would you agree?

 Yes, I absolutely agree. I do think everyone is unique, and it’s not just about the professional skills in workplaces, but more on life experience and personality. And maybe because of my occupation, I never write a traditional CV or resume. I strongly believe that all the creative crowds would not be happy on just showing skills and experience in one single piece of paper. I do like the concept of Paddl, as you guys try to lead using a non-traditional way for CV showcase, plus some more further functions. I definitely look forward to the future development of Paddl.

Thank you, Sue. There’s a lot of exciting stuff in store, so we’re very excited. We met you at the launch of the National Innovation Games on the Gold Coast in August, 2019. How would you describe this experience?

Overall it was a great experience for me, I am so happy that I could take part in this event. It made me open my eyes in an “Aussie” way. I did participate in something similar in Hong Kong, but it was more on leadership training, and in a more intensive way. Anyway, for the National Innovation Games, it effectively combines different elements in many aspects, achieving missions for different parties by challenging every single participant. It’s truly a good, fun game. I would highly recommend participating, no matter who you are!


We’re delighted you got so much from the day! The judges awarded you Best Paddl Profile. Do you think it’s important for employers to see the different skills and experiences of job applicants that are difficult to communicate using a traditional CV or resume?

Thank you so much, Judges and Paddl! Actually, I still can’t believe I got awarded. It surprised me, seriously. I didn’t even know there was a Best Profile award. I had heard about this activity from school - Envirotech - and I was fascinated. It was my first time to access Paddl. I found that the dynamic way of showing skills and experience is interesting and quite user-friendly.


I definitely think it’s very important for employers to explore potential employees’ skills, experience, and even their personality. As we all know, a single page of traditional CV or resume is just way too limited, and too difficult to know a person in-depth on a quick gaze, especially when there is an avalanche of applicants. On Paddl, you guys provide a better solution. I think employers could create their own profiles attracting applicants; on the other hand they could also search and reach suitable applicants easily or quickly by some filter settings. I’m sure Paddl could do more in the future - make good use of technology, rise up the engagement and interaction in between all users from different relevant parties.

Sue with her team

Sue with her team

Thank you, Sue, we love getting constructive feedback from our community. During the Games, what was your experience like working with a real business and trying to help them innovate a solution for waste management? Was it easy coming together as a team and forming your solution, considering you were all from different disciplines?

 First of all, sustainable life is always a hot topic nowadays. Being earth-friendly is an on-going trend, and absolutely in urgent need. We all have total responsibility to the world. During the event, it granted me a chance to know more about the local businesses here, and how they currently deal with the waste problems. 

 I think this event created a good opportunity for businesses to consider and focus on this serious topic, freshly and creatively, with groups of new bloods from different backgrounds with different point of views. 

Yes, it’s certainly a good idea, but not an easy task, when everything happens real quick in 10 hours. Communication became the key, and also one of the challenging points, particularly when we have to work as a team but didn’t know each other at all. We had to make good use of all knowledge that we got from different disciplines, and try our best to transform ideas into a project pitch. I do think there are plenty of space to improve, especially the preliminary arrangement and preparation, as I always believe a stunning idea has to go through deep understanding and many stages of development. However, it was still good fun, and yes very challenging.

All in all, it was definitely another valuable experience, and cultural impact for me! I like it :D

That’s so good to hear! Our National Innovation Games series will travelling across Australia and we plan on being back in Queensland soon. Will you be applying to participate again, and what would you tell fellow students considering applying? (We would love to have you participate again.)

Good to know that the National Innovation Games series would be back in Queensland, and I would love to participate again for sure, I only hope that I would still be here in Australia when you do! I scream and I wish I could stay here, like, forever hahaha..

And finally, to my fellow students, or even the employers and partnership organisations, don’t hesitate! You should come and experience in person the Games. They bring you innovative inspiration - it’s something that you could not buy with money.

If you don’t go, you don’t know! Cheers :)

Our next challenge in the National Innovation Games series will take place on November 21st in Lismore, NSW with challenge partners EnergyAustralia.

If you are a student or graduate who is interested in participating in a National Innovation Games Challenge, sign up for Paddl today and keep an eye out for all future announcements to see when we will be coming to a city or region near you! If you are a small to medium business interested in learning how you can get involved and work with a dedicated innovation team, please contact Caitlin at 03 9514 3000 or

Our next challenge in the National Innovation Games series will take place on November 21st in Lismore, NSW with challenge partners EnergyAustralia.

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