Paddl introduces a unique challenge to hire for Blakes Feast front of house staff

September 05, 2018
By Chris Girardi

Paddl is ecstatic to be helping Blakes Feast find front of house staff to join their crew during the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival, through the revolutionary Paddl x Blakes Feast Skills Challenge.

Blakes Feast is Melbourne's premier catering company with prestigious and exclusive contracts all over Melbourne, including the Royal Botanic Gardens, The Victorian Spring Racing Carnival, and Polo in the City. They provide bespoke catering for an extensive range of events in and around Melbourne.

Joining the Blakes Feast crew will open you the doors to a world of top class hospitality service and will let you become a part of a great crew that turns the ordinary into the exceptional, with the commitment and ability to deliver exceptional service to their clients, all the while being supported by a team that want to help you be the best you can be.

For the first time ever, Blakes Feast has decided to try a different way of selecting their staff for Melbourne’s iconic spring Racing Carnival,  involving a set of fun challenges to assess different hospitality skills. This will take place in the stunning Royal Botanical Gardens and will be a first of its kind.

If you're resourceful, motivated and willing to take part in an innovative challenge, prove you’ve got what it takes to join the Blakes Feast team this Spring Racing Carnival and apply now in Paddl!

Challenge yourself and join the Crew

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to participate in the Paddl x Blakes Feast Skills Challenge on Tuesday, 2nd October. This is an exciting, unique and fun skills assessment experience where you’ll have the opportunity to perform tasks in a variety of real-life scenarios that mirror the exclusive atmosphere of events just like the Victorian Spring Racing Carnival. You’ll have the opportunity to network and put your skills to test the in a challenging and exciting way, all while applying for a front house role with Blakes Feast.

You'll work in teams, testing your mettle in challenges designed to reflect the tasks you'll complete as a part of the Blakes Feast crew, all the while discovering new tips and tricks to apply while you're working.

Blakes Feast professionals as well as Paddl crew members will be there to guide you through the event and make sure that you have an incredibly exciting and valuable experience. This Paddl Games event is a perfect opportunity to grab your friends - particularly if you're studying hospitality or food service - and gain exposure to the thrilling world of premium hospitality.

Ready to apply?

If you have previous experience working in hospitality or similar customer facing roles, and are looking for casual work for this spring, login to Paddl and get your application in!

Special call if you're studying hospitality, food service or a similar course - don’t miss this opportunity to get your foot in the door to join the Blakes Feast crew. Apply through Paddl now!