Paddl Co. drive further innovation in the hospitality sector with Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School

March 06, 2019
By Kim Fernandes

The Brief

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Day 3 of the COSBOA Innovation Games (Victoria) 2018, was hosted by Paddl Co., Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA) and the Victorian State Government, and sponsored by Canon. The competitive, hackathon-style day was part of a series of innovation challenges that aim to help small business accelerate growth and embrace innovation.

Among the 10 businesses participating in the games was Kirsten Tibballs’ Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School, a school and retail space dedicated to creating and educating in everything chocolate and patisserie. Paddl Co. is passionate about revamping how the hospitality industry considers innovation in business as well as how they hire and assess talent, so having a respected Chocolate and Patisserie School participate in an Innovation Games was an exciting moment.

For the Innovation Challenge, Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School (or Savour School) had the opportunity to work alongside emerging and mature talent in a multidisciplinary team, to identify a business problem and devise an innovation solution that would help lift their digital literacy. Savour School is a Melbourne-based learning centre and retail space dedicated to educating students in and around everything chocolate and patisserie. Students can attend classes in person, or have the option of learning online through video content from teachers and various international guest chefs. They are a pioneer for innovation, offering over 30 specialised classes and are the first of their kind in Asia Pacific!

The Participants

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Paddl Games Challenges are Paddl Co.’s innovative applicant assessment experiences; and are an effective way for emerging talent to acquire relevant experience valued by employers. Paddl Explorer Users are competitively selected by simply using their existing profiles and activity cards to apply though

The participants are competitively selected to form cross-disciplinary teams, and virtually meet via ‘Slack’ prior to event day - to introduce themselves, what they can bring to the challenge and most importantly, form a team name! The Savour School team dubbed themselves ‘Sweet Relish’, and they were keen to dive into this innovative challenge. The Sweet Relish team was made up of the Savour School Marketing Manager, Retail Manager, a Canon employee, and eight students from 6 different educational institutions across Melbourne, with backgrounds in the arts, commerce, marketing, business, IT and analytics.

Over the course of the day, participants demonstrate their skills and knowledge across three, equal sprints - problem definition, concept design and solution pitching stages. Breaking up the day with design thinking methodology allows teams to spread their time effectively with the help and direction of the Paddl Facilitators.

The Outcomes

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The final part of the day involved all teams pitching to a judging panel of industry experts. Solutions are evaluated according to a range of criteria - relevance to challenge focus, effectiveness in market, potential implementation, scalability and creativity.

The solution presented by the Sweet Relish team centred around developing further engaging content for their online user base. In order to grow their online-learning subscriber-base, they proposed to produce content that could be generated without having to be filmed at a professional level, saving on valuable resources. The solution encouraged the use of student/amateur editors to shoot new, and polish existing videos that already existed in the database. The solution also encouraged partnering with amateur and semi-professional chefs to create a new range of online videos. Both Savour School and the judging panel were amazed with the innovative outcome produced on the day - Paddl is truly helping restructure the way hospitality looks at innovation, one business at a time!

Day 3 was another huge success for Paddl Co., COSBOA, the Victorian Government and all the small businesses involved. Prizes went to participants from the winning teams for best solutions, best pitches and even stand-out Paddlr performances.

Paddl Co. takes pride in the positive experiences that Paddl Games days bring to everyone involved. If you are interested in participating in a future Paddl Games, make sure to join to know when applications open for our next games! 

The Feedback

“Great avenue for students to test their mettle and network.  My highlight was meeting with inspired young people and industry heads. Being able to share ideas and network was great!” - Ana Trupkovic, Retail Manager, Savour School

“It actually blew my mind! It was great to develop a solution to a key business problem for our small business; we found ‘The Challenge Lab’ was a great way to get feedback on the feasibility of our idea as well. Unfortunately we didn’t place, but we all learnt so much! The team solutions were great and the venue was amazing. Everyone I spoke to had a great time!” - Kim Fernandes, Bachelor of Business (Marketing), RMIT University

“I really enjoyed being able to challenge myself in the the time constraints we had to come up with a brilliant and viable solution. I loved the whole vibe!” - Muhammad Suhaib Khan, User Experience Design Immersive, General Assembly

“The Paddl Alumni helped us at every stage of our design sprints. It was a very well organised event! The Paddl staff were really friendly. My highlight was communicating with a small business owner and understand their problem so we could develop a clear solution.” - Shravan Suresh, Master of Information Systems, Deakin University

“The informal setup was superb; it eliminates the seriousness of how these things can go and sort of helps the students/graduates open up. Great experience, fabulous event organization!” - Lynda Wanjofu, Master of Business Management, La Trobe University

“It was a practical event. I loved the way this challenge encourages me to make new friends, and how it encouraged me to face my fear of presenting!” - Farah Saiful Hilmi, Bachelor of Industrial Design, Monash University