Paddl Co. partners with Western Sydney University to deliver a series of Paddl Games exclusive to WSU students!

June 25, 2019
By Caitlin Pereira

Western Sydney University and Paddl Co. have come together in their commitment to support WSU students and graduates build unique workplace experience to support their career endeavours during and post their time at Western Sydney University.

WSU students and graduates will have an exclusive opportunity to join a range of employers with an interest in the Greater Western Sydney region, including small to medium businesses, corporates and the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA) in a series of innovation Challenges to be held over the second half of 2019 called the WSU Paddl Games.

Our first event  will be held on 10 July 2019 at the Parramatta South Campus with EnergyAustralia focusing on “How EnergyAustralia can help businesses achieve greater control over their energy costs both now and in the future.”

Dominique Fisher, CEO of Paddl Co. says “Paddl ’s commitment to preparing talent for the future of work has led us to develop a methodology in the Paddl Games Challenges that enables participants to experience the challenges faced by employers and the role effective employees play in solving them.

 “Too often students have told us they can't get experience without a job and can't get a job without experience, and then employers have shared stories with us of the challenges in attracting great talent. Paddl Games provides a solution to both problems.”

These intense one-day Challenges will be designed to deliver highly valued skills and experience to all participants, particularly those who are building out their experience profile, in readiness for employment. The Paddl Profile is the new Professional Experience Profile, designed to capture all of the modern activities we do to gather experience including the qualifications undertaken at Western Sydney University to all forms of employment including internships and WIL and competitions such as Paddl Games Challenges. Participating students, graduates and employees of Western Sydney University will be entitled to add WSU branded Activity Cards to their Paddl Profile for any  WSU Paddl Games Challenges.


What are the Western Sydney University Paddl Games?

Paddl Games Challenges are one-day, hackathon-style events, where students and graduates work alongside local  businesses, major corporations and industry professionals , to innovate solutions to real business challenges. These unique professional development opportunities. allow participants to gain real workplace experience, put their theoretical skills into practise and expand their networks and professional connections. To learn more about previous events, read about them here.

The WSU Paddl Games are a series of Paddl Games Challenges that will be held at various WSU campuses including Parramatta, Hawkesbury and Liverpool. Each of the Challenges are co-sponsored by a major corporate organisation and focuses on an agreed theme enabling 10 - 20 local businesses and their employees, 60 - 120 students and graduates from WSU, and the corporate sponsor and its employees to team up in innovation teams to surface ideas for new products and services for the local businesses. These Challenges will specifically address key industries to the Western Sydney economy and build a bridge between emerging talent/education, small business and major corporates as they work together to innovate on real business challenges.

“For students and grads, the Paddl Games Challenges provide invaluable experience and potential employment opportunities. For small businesses, the Paddl Games Challenges provide new skill sets, new ways of thinking about product and service development, and the ability to work on real-world challenges. And both our sponsors and the businesses gain access to the next wave of Australian business leaders.

While Paddl Games participants are able to develop innovative IP, which may lead to new products and services, small businesses and emerging talent will also develop skills in critical and design thinking equipping them for the future of work.” Ms. Fisher adds.

Each Challenge day itself is divided into three equal ‘sprints’ using design thinking methodology. Sprint 1 centres around getting to know your business and framing a key business problem to solve. The second sprint involves building out a viable solution to that problem, and the third and final sprint is where this key idea is developed into a 5-minute presentation ready for pitching selection. The last part of the day involves selected teams pitching their innovative solution to a panel of industry experts. There are many prizes to be won - for the best feasible business cases, outstanding individual performances and many more! For more info on how to best prepare for a Paddl Games or a crash course on design thinking check out Paddl’s blog.


 Students and graduates of Western Sydney University can learn more about Paddl Co. and the collaboration with their school including the upcoming WSU Paddl Games Challenges by going to Start your Paddl Profile and apply for the first WSU Paddl Games Challenge with EnergyAustralia on July 10 here!

The Details

WHEN: Thursday 26th September 2019, 8:00am- 6:30pm

WHERE: Western Sydney University Parramatta South Campus

WHO: We are looking for a diverse set of talents to participate, see our open positions below to find out what’s right for you!

General Interest Minded Talents

Marketing & Comms Superstars

Commerce, Business Analytics & Data Science Savvy Talents

Innovation, Design & Creative Thinkers