I’ve just completed a Paddl Games Challenge, what should I do now?

May 17, 2019
By Kim Fernandes

On Wednesday the 15th May 2019, we successfully wrapped up Day 5 of the COSBOA Innovation Games sponsored by EnergyAustralia, bringing together The Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA), the Victorian Government, 10 local businesses, 70 emerging talents and 35+ EnergyAustralia employees for a day filled with innovation, insight and fun!

Most Paddl Games challenges have a hype that lasts for weeks, and this time was no exception with an overwhelming amount of interest for this specific challenge. There was a tangible buzz in the air all throughout Game Day! Now, we’re two days on - you’ve just completed this amazing challenge, you’ve put your skills into practice and worked with a diverse range of people in the room - you’re probably still on that game day high. But how do you accurately sum up what you’ve just experienced? And what should you be doing next?

Here’s a quick outline of the best ways to make sure you’re making the most of Paddl Games, even after the event itself has come to a close.

1. Update your Paddl Profile, and add your Paddl Games Activity Card!

Your Paddl Experience Profile is your ticket to further opportunities on the Paddl platform including more upcoming Paddl Games Challenges. Unlike the traditional resume, updating your Experience Profile is quick, fun and simple!

To update your ‘About Me’ section, simply double-click the text area - the best Paddl Profiles show off your personality, with some highlights of projects, experiences or achievements you are proud of. Being conversational or cleverly using Markdown are great ways to add personality to your profile. Check out one of our favourite Explorer Profiles by Dan here (He just won an award for his excellent Explorer Profile at the most recent Paddl Games!)

Most importantly, don’t forget to add your exclusive Game Day Activity Card from the EnergyAustralia Paddl Games event - each Paddl Games Activity Card has its own unique design, showcasing your attendance and skills learned at this highly competitive event! Some skills that you can add to this experience might include ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Collaboration’, ‘Time Management’ and ‘Public Speaking’, just to name a few!

2. Connect with your peers in the room.

As mentioned in our preparing for Paddl Games blog, it’s important to acknowledge your team members and any other people you worked with along the way, for their input, guidance or simply great attitude. Everyone’s time is volunteered on Game Day, and it’s likely everyone has taken something very unique away from participating. A conversation about what you enjoyed, or a quick ‘thank you’ can go a long way, connecting now could potentially open doorways to something in the future!

If you signed up for the Employer Booth and drew some great conclusions from your one-on-one chat, a quick thank you after the event is a great way to stay top of mind to a potential employer, and keep that connection as you further develop your professional journey. Also, keep in mind that sending a thank you note within 24 hours after any interview is a best practice and should be a part of your job hunting tool kit!


3. Spread the word and share your success!

Whilst it’s great you’ve participated, chances are your greater network won’t know how much you actually gained from the event! Letting people know what you learnt, who you worked with, the hands-on experience you had and what you achieved is all part of truly making the most out of your Paddl Games experience. Whether you do this by sharing your story online, spreading the word at uni, work or even recommending someone to attend the next one, these are one-of-a-kind events so make sure people know it was YOU that were part of them! Future employers appreciate candidates who are proactive with extra-curricular events outside of studies and work.

4. Use what you’ve learnt to help you land your dream role.

So you’ve put design thinking into practice, you’ve presented to a room of over 120 people, and you came up with a viable solution to a problem in less than 8 hours. By updating your skills on your Experience Profile and sharing the story with your wider network you’re actively explaining how this Paddl Games event makes you a more job ready and desirable candidate! You’re demonstrating continual learning and networking as you build up your personal brand. If you keep doing this with all the experiences you have with Paddl, imagine how far you’ll go!


There you have it - 4 quick and easy ways to make the most of your Paddl Games experience. The more you develop your personal brand now, the easier it’ll be steering yourself towards the career you want. Login now, get your profile up-to-date and see where all your experiences take you!