EnergyAustralia partners with Paddl Co. to deliver final instalment of the COSBOA Innovation Games (Victoria) 2018/19

April 03, 2019
By Kim Fernandes

Paddl Co., COSBOA and the Victorian Government proudly present the last day in the series - Day 5 of the COSBOA Innovation Games sponsored by EnergyAustralia. This challenge will be held on May 15th in the Lakeside Stadium at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in Albert Park, from 8am to 6pm. Emerging talent from a variety of disciplines are needed, so update your Paddl profile and Apply Now!

The COSBOA Innovation Games (Victoria) 2018/19 is a series of 5 one-day innovation challenges across Victoria developed by Paddl Co. Each of the 5 days is co-sponsored by a major corporate.

The series consists of five intensive, high-profile, one-day Paddl Games Challenges focusing on an agreed topic. Each day enables 10 businesses and its employees, students and graduates, and a major corporation and its employees to team up to surface ideas to provide new ways of thinking for one of the ten businesses. The last corporate series sponsor for the COSBOA Innovation Games, is EnergyAustralia who have set the day’s challenge theme as: "How can EnergyAustralia assist your business to achieve greater control over your energy costs both now and in the future?”


EnergyAustralia (EA) is an electricity generation and electricity and gas retailing private company in Australia with headquarters in Melbourne, owned by Hong Kong-based and listed, CLP Group. EnergyAustralia also has a portfolio of electricity generating sites that use thermal coal, natural gas, hydro-electric, solar energy, and wind power. EnergyAustralia is one of Australia’s biggest energy companies with over 1.7 million customers and 2,500 employees!

EnergyAustralia’s operations fall into three main areas of activity:

  • Customer focus - Our priority is to deliver better outcomes for our customers.

  • Energy business - We make and buy the energy that’s driving Australia forward.

  • Enterprise delivery - creating the platform on which the entire business is built.

EA is committed to transitioning Australia’s energy sector to a lower emissions future, without compromising the delivery of reliable and affordable energy to customers.

EnergyAustralia also wants to build trust among our local businesses. We want to know more about them.

Paddl Games Challenges are high pressure, fun events designed to create a real workplace experience for participants. Emerging talent apply through the Paddl platform and are competitively selected to participate. Successful candidates are placed into cross-disciplinary teams and have the opportunity to work alongside employees from leading organisations as they develop and pitch a real business case to a judging panel of industry experts!

What to Expect on Challenge Day

Similar to our previous COSBOA Innovation Games, the challenge day itself is divided into three equal ‘sprints’ using design thinking methodology. The first phase centres around framing a key business problem to solve for each team’s nominated business. The second sprint involves building out a viable solution, and the third and final sprint is where this key idea is developed into a 5-minute presentation that will be pitched to the room. After the end of the final sprint, teams pitch their solution to a panel of industry experts, with the opportunity to win prizes for the best feasible business cases developed!


Challenges are designed to help participants broaden their personal and professional networks, attain valuable experience and put their skills into practice. To assist in this process, Paddl Co. has also created ‘Challenge Labs’ - these labs run through the course of the day, which consist of EnergyAustralia experts, who help teams validate their ideas in relation to the business issue they have decided to focus on. ‘Employer Booths’ also run concurrently, where participants have the opportunity to book themselves in for a 15-minute, one-on-one casual career chat with an EnergyAustralia representative. The COSBOA Innovation Games Days are brimming with opportunity to put your skills into practice and expand your professional network!

The Details

WHEN: Wednesday 15th May 2019, 8:00am- 6:30pm

WHERE: ‘Albert by the Lake’ Room, Lakeside Stadium, Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, 30 Aughtie Drive, Melbourne VIC 3206

WHO: We are looking for a diverse set of talents to participate, see our open positions below to find out what’s right for you!


Great, How do I apply?

Applications are OPEN NOW, and we’re looking for a range of talent currently studying, who have recently graduated OR have relevant experience in:

Business & Strategy Minded Talents

Engineering, Tech & Data Science Savvy Talents

Marketing & Comms Superstars

Science & Sustainability Passionate Talents

Innovation, Design & Creative Thinkers

Submitting your application is super fast and easy! Create your Paddl Profile to get started and add your relevant Activity Cards. Then, fill out your application for the relevant stream with a short cover note telling us why you’re the best person to join us for Day 5 of the COSBOA Innovation Games (Victoria) 2018/19. Get in quick though - applications close May 1st!