WANTED: Innovation Experts, Design Thinking Coaches and Product Builders

March 28, 2018
By Paddl Engineering

Join the Paddl Crew as a Paddl Games Challenge Facilitator where you'll coach, mentor and challenge teams of participants to ideate, conceptualise and implement innovative solutions to real commercial challenges and opportunities.


Paddl delivers innovative ways for employers to discover and connect with talent; and, for individuals to build relevant experience and secure employment.


At Paddl™ (www.paddljobs.com) we believe that gathering and communicating one’s experience, background, qualifications and suitability for a role needs to go beyond the typical resume. Paddl’s experience profiles are designed to guide users in understanding and achieving the experience that is valued by employers. They also offer a meaningful way to record and showcase these experiences.

Emerging talent has relied on casual and part time work, internships, placements and other forms of course or work related experience to prove their worth to an employer. But the changing nature of work is proving this is not enough. Employers are looking for proof that the applicant is able to apply the knowledge gained in education, preferably in real workplaces. That’s why we created Paddl Games (www.paddlgames.com) - innovation challenges that enable our users to showcase and demonstrate their talent and potential to employers.

Paddl Games Challenges & Projects are inspired by hackathons. They are intense, competitive, fun, creative and highly engaging events that immerse participants in design thinking techniques to ideate, conceptualise and, ultimately, solve real commercial problems or opportunities for host employers. Facilitators, employees and Paddlrs come together in diverse teams during a Paddl Games Challenge which can run for one day, two days or five days. Projects consist of a Paddl Validation Project which runs for 30 days and a Paddl Trial Project which runs for three to six months. 

That’s where you come in.  As a Paddl Games Facilitator, you will lead diverse teams of Paddlrs and employees in innovation Challenges and Paddl Projects. It’s your job to coach, challenge, mentor and facilitate participants through the Paddl Games & Projects process, to ensure Challenge objectives are achieved for all participants.


What you get to do

  • Become a certified Paddl Games Facilitator

  • Be featured and promoted on paddlgames.com and in other relevant channels

  • Build your profile as a thought leader and mentor

  • Contribute regularly to the Paddl blog in your area of expertise

  • Train, brief, support and coach participants to be the best they can be

  • Lead and facilitate Challenges to ensure teams are performing

  • Contribute to taking ideas to MVP and business case

  • Provide feedback and assess performance of participants as required

  • Make a difference to the lives of emerging talent helping them advance their professional journeys

About you

Paddl Co is passionate about diversity as a cornerstone to everything we do - be it the people we employ or the teams we create for Paddl Games & Projects. Not just because it's the right thing to do but because we believe diversity is the key to a successful future for us all.  We are looking to create a panel of highly diverse Paddl Games Facilitators who come from all walks of life and backgrounds.

In every case though, you are a creative thinker with a passion for customer centric thinking and doing. You are likely to have experience in running hackathons and/or other facilitated workshops for organisations to tackle innovation projects or similar. You can lead an inexperienced diverse group through the process of taking a concept from ideation through to business case and prototype. But regardless of your background, you’re a facilitator by nature - leading and coaching rather than directing and influencing.

You might be

  • a product builder with years of experience helping companies design, build and implement innovative solutions;

  • a teacher committed to new ways of thinking and learning;

  • a progressive HR executive frustrated by the current broken process of talent assessment;

  • a natural organiser and mentor;

  • a tech obsessed nerd; or

  • a hackathon facilitator looking for a new challenge.

As with all members of the Paddl Crew,  you immerse yourself in innovation and design thinking, the latest tech trends and the future of work.  You are a curious, tech obsessed, creative problem solver who loves working with people at all levels. (Oh and you have a great sense of humour, don’t stress easily, have the patience of a saint and have no issue mucking in when it’s required.)

Get in touch

If you want to change the world and think it can happen by helping people discover their potential then please contact nicole@paddl.co and tell her how.