COSBOA Innovation Games (Victoria) 2018/19 • Application Links

February 28, 2019
By Kim Fernandes

The COSBOA Innovation Games (Victoria) 2018/19 will involve over 55 businesses, 300 students and graduates and 220+ employees coming together to form teams in 5 separate Innovation Challenges! These challenges will be held in various locations across Victoria (regional Victoria and Melbourne).

The opportunities for Paddl Games currently open to participate in are listed below, with the latest instalment just announced - Day 5 of the COSBOA Innovation Games sponsored by EnergyAustralia!

Practice your innovative thinking with a real business challenge, compete for prizes and broaden your job network!

We’re seeking applications from a diverse pool of talent. If you’re a student enrolled at an educational institution (University, TAFE or RTO), or a graduate with a background in one or more of the following areas, we want you!

Day 5 - Sponsored by EnergyAustralia

15th May 2019 • Melbourne, Victoria

Challenge Topic
”How to best assist your business to achieve greater control over your energy costs both now and in the future”

  • Business & Strategy Minded Talents - Applications Closed

  • Engineering, Tech & Data Science Talents - Applications Closed

  • Marketing & Comms Superstars - Applications Closed

  • Science & Sustainability Minded Talents - Applications Closed

  • Innovation, Design & Creative Thinkers - Applications Closed


Day 4 - Sponsored by GrowthOps

13th March 2019 • Melbourne, Victoria

Challenge Topic
"How to accelerate high-impact growth in your business"

  • Business & Strategy Minded Talents

  • Engineering & Tech-Savvy Talents

  • Marketing & Comms Superstars

  • UX/UI, Designers and Creative Talents

  • Business & Data Analysts


Day 3 - Sponsored by Canon

11th October 2018 • Melbourne, Victoria

Challenge Topic
"How do we help you accelerate your business transformation to enable you to thrive in a digital world?"

  • Commerce, Finance & Law Talents

  • Tech, Engineering, IT, Computer Science Enthusiasts

  • Marketing & Comms, Arts, Psychology Superstars

  • Designers and Creative Minds

  • Data Analysts & Supply Chain Talents

  • Sciences & Health Talents

Day 2 - AusPost Banner

Day 2 - Supported by Australia Post

12th September 2018 • Bendigo, Victoria

Challenge Topic
"Growing a business domestically and internationally using modern digital tools."

  • Business, Law, Data Analysis Talents

  • Marketers and Comms Superstars

  • Design and Creative Minds

  • Tech, Industrial and Trades Enthusiasts

  • Community-minded Hospitality, Retail and Education Talents

  • Health and Sciences Marvels

Day 1 - AGL Banner

Day 1 - Sponsored by AGL Energy

6th September 2018 • Hastings, Victoria

Challenge Topic
"The efficient use of energy in small businesses."

  • Calling Business, Economics, Marketing & Comms Superstars

  • Calling Engineering, Electronics Trades Geniuses

  • Design and Creative Minds

  • Calling Hospitality, Beauty, Horticulture Talents

  • Health Sciences, Medicine and Nursing Talents

  • Community-minded Education and Social Science Talents

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