10 business challenges tackled at the COSBOA Innovation Games (Victoria) 2018, Day 2 supported by Australia Post • Innovation Outcomes

October 01, 2018
By Judith Baeta

Australia Post supported the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA), Paddl Co. and the Victorian Government to deliver Day 2 of the COSBOA Innovation Games (Victoria) 2018 in Bendigo on 12 September 2018 to change the way small and medium businesses innovate.

The competitive hackathon-style day involved 10 small businesses working with 60 Victorian tertiary students and graduates, 10 Australia Post representatives, 18 Paddl Co. crew members and 5 Paddl Games facilitators to identify innovative solutions to grow their businesses using digital tools.


The event focused on producing tailored ideas to help each of the 10 small businesses address key business challenges. Great ideas were surfaces by each of the innovation teams supporting the local businesses and pitched to a panel of experts. At the end of the day, the winner was the team supporting hairdressing salon Red Raven Studios, develop a digital solution to expand its offering into in-home services.

“I found it so interesting to work with capable students in looking at my business from a different perspective, as well as staff from Australia Post and Paddl Co.” - Lauren McIlwraith, Owner, Red Raven Studio.

The event gave 60 Victorian tertiary students and graduates a valuable opportunity to apply their skills to a real-world business issues.

“The COSBOA Innovation Games in Bendigo hosted by Paddl Co. was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend anyone. My team was able to help a local small business and solve a dilemma they faced… It was definitely a day that I won’t forget.” - Lilly Taraborrelli, Bachelor of Information Systems, Deakin University

Changing the way small and medium business innovate

10 business challenges were tackled at the COSBOA Innovations Games (Victoria) 2018 in Bendigo and a range of solutions developed on the day

Red Raven Studio – 1st place

The busy Bendigo hairdressing studio currently consists of three staff and the proprietor. The studio owner was seeking a solution to address client overflow and provide an alternative service for clients without having to turn away business.

Their team developed a solution centred on adding a new feature to Red Raven Studio’s website when booking clients, which introduced the option of a freelance stylist able to come to their home to maximize space in the salon for walk-in clients.

Cobram Chiropractic – 2nd place

The chiropractic business run by Bendigo-based proprietors was seeking to improve awareness about the benefits of chiropractic care as a health solution.

Their team developed a concept for an online self-assessment tool to demonstrate the benefits of chiropractic care to the user, introducing the gamification component. The app would enable users to identify the possible cause of their symptoms and then go on to book an appointment or chat online with a chiropractor.

ACAPMA – 3rd place

The Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association (ACAPMA), are the peak national body representing the interests of the downstream petroleum industry. They were seeking to connect current and potential members to deliver value and in turn grow its membership base. Compliance is a constant issue for service stations around the country, and ACAPMA needs to address this in order to grow its membership.

Their team designed a platform that would be accessible for all members to track their compliance needs and take measures to fix issues identified by audits. This allows ACAPMA’s members to focus on other parts of their business besides compliance.

Innovative Resources - Honourable Mention

Innovative Resources is a respected publisher and social enterprise that has been developing conversation-building resources such as ‘conversation cards’ for use in counselling for 25 years. However, the physical cards are at risk of becoming less relevant in the digital age. The team developed a concept for a web-based app available via subscription that is template-based and interactive, featuring conversation resources and augmented reality.


The Australian owned independent chain of service stations 20+ stores in Victoria & New South Wales. They also have a strong community focus through the APCO Foundation which raises money to support local community members and groups. APCO were aiming to ease congestion during peak times and allow customers to spend more time in-store.

The solution developed by their team was to expedite petrol purchases through on-pump invoice issuing and drive-through payment as well as to offer off-peak promotions and discounts to increase spending in-store.

Beeps Auto Parts

Beeps Auto Parts was seeking to grow its online business and improve the service and functionality of its online presence. The teams solution was to migrate the existing online function to a modern e-commerce platform connected to existing inventory management system, based on best of breed components, and ship products via Australia Post.

Bendigo Day & Night Pharmacy

In line with trends in the broader pharmacy industry, Bendigo Day & Night Pharmacy is experiencing increased competition and customer retention is challenging.

The solution developed included a website refresh, increased social media presence and a new customer app featuring a record of regular medications, live chat with pharmacist, reminders for check-ups (eg. blood pressure check), store details, bookings for scripts and in-person consultations and social media links.

Clive Enever, Business Coach

Clive was seeking to leverage his social media following to raise awareness of his professional business coach offerings.

The solution presented to Clive was to automate the way content is gathered from his social media channels to be used for a podcast, short videos and online courses that his business is creating.

Heathcote Community Children’s Services

Heathcote Community Children’s Services is community funded and operated centre due to open in 2019. It will house services for the local community and operate a kindergarten and a day care centre. The organisation was seeking to expand the reach and impact of its model.

The solution developed was a digital toolkit that enables other communities to replicate their success, including guides, resources, and other tools.

Pauline’s Real Estate

Pauline is a sole real estate operator keen to find her competitive edge while nurturing home buyers in the greater Bendigo community.

The team supporting Pauline established that by clearly identifying and narrowing in on her buying market, she can determine how and why buyers search for property and build a competitive edge by engaging customers using their preferred digital tools.

To find out more information about how your business can participate in the COSBOA Innovation Games (Victoria), contact nicole@paddl.co, or sign up as an Employer to paddljobs.com to access the best emerging talent.