Collective Us: Interns Must Show Enthusiasm and Passion

May 14, 2018
By Chris Girardi

When you're working with a diverse client base, you need people capable of facing new challenges head on. Collective Us knows this, and is always on the look out for new talent with the enthusiasm and passion necessary to succeed.

We sat down with founder, Jude Rus, to talk about what Collective Us does and to learn more about how he used Paddl to identify outstanding internship candidates.

Tell us about Collective Us?

Collective Us is a social media marketing and development agency. We help businesses get new enquiries but also develop systems to effectively manage the sales process and remarket to those enquiries. We work to help you get your Customer Relationship Management systems automating lots and lots of processes. 

What's one of your most memorable clients? 

One amazing client of ours is ‘Be There Beauty’, a subscription model beauty and make up service platform. First of its kind. They do amazing influencer marketing and we have developed their new web app! They now have a fully automated beautician on-boarding process.

What stands out most to you when looking for new talent?

Enthusiasm and passion: we've found interns and graduates with these attributes are most likely to pick up workplace skills and most easily translate their education into practice. The applicants who have taken on new experiences with gusto have learned most from them but have also become our most valuable new team members.

How did Paddl connect you with these kinds of people? What was the process like?

Paddl made it easy to find and recruit new interns. We've previously gone directly to the university or posted ads, however, Paddl connected us with an applicant right from the start.

They allowed us to notify the applicants they were on a shortlist, which we found excellent for transparency, and then move them into a more traditional recruiting process. It works with us because, as a start-up, we don't have a dedicated HR department and we could engage with the applicants via an online portal.

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