Isabella Hickling: A Dream Job in a Highly Competitive Market

April 04, 2018
By Chris Girardi

For a student or recent graduate, finding a dream job or an internship to get one's foot in the door can be tough. The job market is highly competitive and people are working harder than ever to make sure their job application shines.

For Isabella Hickling, a second year marketing student at RMIT, landing a position as social media and salon assistant with one of Melbourne's top brow salons Victoria Jade is a dream come true. This part-time role, which she applied to on Paddl, combines her passions for social media, marketing and beauty while she completes her university studies. She's now in the fortunate position of learning and meeting amazing people in her workplace, gaining insights she'll be able to use in the beauty industry, and in running a business.

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We recently sat down with Isabella to hear about her first few weeks in her new role, and learn more about about her job hunting experience.

Isabella Hickling at  Victoria Jade.

Isabella Hickling at Victoria Jade.

You've now been in the job for a month, tell us about your experience so far?

I work closely with both the salon owner and manager to ensure the smooth operation of day to day activities and customer experiences. My days consist of greeting and seeing out clients, updating information using internal software, answering any phone, text or email enquiries as well as managing the salon calendar and bookings.

I also manage Victoria Jade's social media accounts which consists of creating and scheduling Instagram posts - one of my favourite parts! I have learnt a lot about the admin side of a business, how to ensure clients have an excellent experience, and the wonders of mineral makeup! 

How did you first find out about Paddl and how does it differ to other job platforms?

I found out about Paddl through RMIT and learned about the job being advertised. To apply on Paddl, I had to create a Paddl Account and enter what university degree I was currently undertaking, which is one of the best parts about the platform. Paddl refines what jobs would be relevant for specific courses, which is also helpful for employers as they can find students and graduates who have the necessary skills or degree for a position. 

The dream team at Victoria Jade. (photo supplied)

The dream team at Victoria Jade. (photo supplied)

The job market is highly competitive, especially for young people who are looking for a foot in the door. What's your advice to them?

I think it is very important to have relevant experience and current skills that are associated with the industry you want to be in. Whether that be doing an online course or asking a mentor if you can shadow them. As well as my studies, I am also currently undertaking an online digital marketing course to broaden my knowledge. There is always something new to learn and its important to be proactive about finding what that is! 

I would absolutely recommend Paddl to my friends, as it can connect students and graduates to relevant employers for their degree. I definitely think Paddl is a platform that all students and graduates should be considering when job hunting.

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