5 Ways to Boost your Employability over the Summer!

December 20, 2018
By Kim Fernandes

All we can think of doing over the Summer break is relaxing and enjoying our down time — we’ve spent the full year studying after all! But guess what — the industries you’ll eventually work in don’t get the luxury of month long breaks.

It’s time to consider what you could be doing over the summer in order to give yourself that little extra edge come the new year. This doesn’t mean filling your schedule with summer subjects or trying to learn a new language as quickly as possible! There are smaller steps you can take to ensure you’re doing that extra little bit throughout the holidays.


1. Start practising your networking

Whether it be the long lost cousins at Christmas, your Airbnb host, or the person from your first year lecture who catches your train that you’ve never spoken to, start practising telling your story. Share what you’re studying, what you hope to gain from studying, and a broad idea of where you want to be after. It’s also okay not to know. It’s completely okay to change your career trajectory three, four, even five times. It’s what we millennials do! Just remember — networking is listening as much as it is talking. If you’re not sure what to share — ask questions. Other people’s answers and experiences will begin to help shape what you want or don’t want. It’s just about starting the journey!

Paddl tip: If you’re not sure what to kick it off with — say “Tell me about yourself.” It’s shows interest without narrowing the conversation to a topic someone may not want to talk about.


2. Make the most of FREE stuff

Every Uni student loves a good free platform. Free reference generators, free photos for assignments — YES there’s free things that take into account your journey OUTSIDE OF UNI as well! If you’re not on paddljobs.com — you should be! Be sure to check out Meetup and Eventbrite as well.

Paddl Co. - Paddl Co. aims to help students and graduates along their professional journey. With an array of job listings, volunteer opportunities and Paddl Games events, this platform is a great way to start developing the skills you will need to succeed. With a very busy 2019 planned, be sure to get your profile started today to be the first to know when the perfect opportunity comes up.

Meetup - is an online service that brings people together. Groups are formed online and they host in-person events for like-minded people. The best part is you can be a part of as many groups as you want.

Eventbrite - Eventbrite also brings people together, but in a slightly different way. Live experiences and events are listed on the platform, and you must purchase a ticket to attend.

A lot of the events on all three platforms are FREE — you have the ability to chat to a lot of people in the same boat, broaden your networks and, a lot of the time, get free food!


3. Follow the companies and people you want to be involved with

Everyone in this day and age loves a good follow! So, why not do it professionally? It’s time to start thinking about the companies you want to be a part of or that you find inspiring. Begin following their journey online. Do they use LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook? Do they have a monthly newsletter you can subscribe to?

Job opportunities are often mentioned via these channels; it’s important to be proactive and to understand how to best engage with them. If by chance you run into the HR manager at a networking event, or that advertised position you’re after comes up, it’s good to know how to demonstrate your value — being up to date with the companies current projects is an awesome start!


4. Learn a new skill

As much as you owe it to yourself to have a well deserved break, it’s important to keep your mind active, and get those creative juices flowing. Make it fun! Why not start a DIY project and build your own laptop table? Learn how to use Photoshop, or take yourself outdoors and master yoga. You’ll thank yourself for the work ethic when it comes time to head back to uni. You only get out what you put in!

5. Enjoy the sun, take some well deserved R&R

Every one of these steps, while small, can definitely make you more employable, but, remember to take rest where it’s due. There’s a reason the break is so long — this is your time to focus on yourself after spending the better part of the year focussing on your studies or work. There’s no point being so busy you don’t start the new year off feeling refreshed and relaxed!

There you have it — 5 quick and easy ways to boost your employability over the summer. The more you develop your personal brand now, the easier it’ll be steering yourself towards the career you want. Get yourself started on paddljobs.com today and start making yourself more employable!