What Does an Internship Job Description Look Like?

March 15, 2018
By Chris Girardi

The key to writing a good internship job description is to focus on what and how the intern will learn during their time with your organisation. Internship programs are, fundamentally, a value exchange. Interns require training and are undertaking internships to learn, just as much as they are to help out, or earn some money while studying. It's because of this that an internship job description sits apart from a regular job description. 

What to include in an Internship Job Description

As with any other job description, it's important to provide as much information about the role as possible. This helps applicants determine whether or not they are appropriate for the role, saving you time by reducing the number of unsuitable applications.

Along with information about your organisation, there are two essential elements to any good, standard job description:

  1. An outline of the role - i.e. what the applicant will actually be doing, should they be employed

  2. An outline of the ideal applicant - i.e. the skills and qualifications an applicant should have

With an internship role, you should also include examples of how the applicant would be mentored and supported to learn. This is, after all, one of the primary reasons people undertake internships.

Internship Job Description Template

To help, we've included an internship job description template below.


You'll notice the description talks in great detail about what the intern will get out of the opportunity. This capitalises on the concept of the value exchange in an internship, making it clear you care about your interns, and will support them during their time in your organisation.

Using this approach in writing an internship job description will not only attract more applicants - as they will know exactly what they're getting themselves in to - but will also ensure higher quality applicants when you shortlist, as they're able to more easily see if the opportunity is suitable to their individual needs. This means you find the right person for the job.