Paddl Delivers 41 Event Staff to the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Australia 2017

May 16, 2018
By Robelen Bajar

The Background

On November 16 2017, TechCrunch and Elevacao collaborated to bring the Startup Battlefield Australia to Sydney. The much anticipated Startup Battlefield pitch-off competition would feature startups from all over Australia and New Zealand. With a judging panel consisting of top-notch investors and founders from across the globe, with impressive speakers from companies like Atlassian, Canva, Whatsapp and Facebook, it was the event of the year for entrepreneurs!

For local organiser Marisa Warren, founder of Elevacao, its success was non-negotiable. Like any major event, the key to success for the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield was creating a team of event staff who were not only meticulously organised and reliable, but also passionate about the startup sector.

The Challenge

With thousands of people registered to attend, they needed 41 event staff to help with various aspects across the event: ushering and welcoming guests, setting up and packing down the registration desk, registering participants, assisting VIPs, mic-running at the speaker sessions, helping exhibitors and checking in guests at the after party.

They also wanted people who either aspired to work in the startup sector or who were dreaming of one day founding a tech company - this was a key criteria!

We had just three weeks to do it.

The Paddl Solution

To deliver the quality and scale of talent needed to support the event within a short timeframe, the project was fully account managed. The solution included:

  • Taking a full brief from the event organiser

  • Creating a Paddl Employer Account

  • Drafting a Job Campaign and Applicant Challenges to quickly shortlist candidates

  • Promoting the opportunity to Paddlrs and our network of educators

  • Creating a shortlist of relevant candidates

  • Screening the final shortlist to ensure they meet requirements

  • Handing over recommended candidates to Elevacao for a full event briefing

The Outcome

Within three weeks, Paddl delivered 41 awesome Paddlrs to the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Australia!

"Thank you for your incredible support for our TechCrunch Battlefield Australia, in partnership with ELEVACAO event last week!  We’ve had rave reviews from attendees about the quality of our event, networking and speakers. Really do appreciate the extra effort you went to help in sourcing and securing the event staff. They were great and made a real difference on the day and incredibly grateful!"

Marisa Warren, TechCrunch Battlefield Australia in partnership with ELEVACAO 

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