Paddl Profile Competition Winners!

January 29, 2018
By Chris Girardi

We recently ran a competition to see which Paddlrs had the best profiles around. We challenged them to not only have their profile up to date, but to write an amazing summary that showed us what they were all about - and honestly, we were blown away by the entries we received!

The quality of entries is a testament to the quality of our Paddlrs. And, while we firmly believe you're all winners based on your amazing profiles, we've selected two standout profiles as the competition's overall winners.

Our winners (in no particular order) are:
 Kathryn Lee
 Panhavuth Kret

🎉 Congratulations to both of you!! 🎉

These two students used markdown to highlight text and gave fantastic descriptions of their past experience and interests while still showing off their personality. In fact, they were so good, we thought we'd share them with you.

You'll notice that both the profiles have very different styles of presenting information. This just goes to show, there's no one way to complete your Paddl profile - you can present it however you like! 


Kathryn's Paddl Profile used paragraphs to outline her experience and interests, bolding key information as she went. We also loved the use of humour in her writing as well as her conversational style, as they helped show off her personality - well done Kathryn!

Panhavuth Kret.png

Panhavuth's Paddl Profile listed out different experiences he's had, organising them into neat groups with headings and subheadings. We thought this was a fantastic way of presenting a lot of information clearly, without overloading your reader with content - well done Panhavuth!

We'd also like to give a special mention to the following Paddlrs for some awesome profiles!

Andrew Lay.png
Francoise Hill.png

Feeling inspired? Want to add some details to your own Paddl Profile? Take a look at our blog post here for some handy tips (unfortunately, entries for the competition have now closed, but the tips and tricks are still just as useful!)