Paddl Feature Release: New Student Job Applications

July 03, 2017
By Jordan McNamara

We’ve just released some exciting new features that completely overhaul the way you apply for Jobs on Paddl. We've made it easier for you to show Employers why you're the perfect candidate for the role, helping you gather real experience.

Read on for a summary of the changes. If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it! Click the blue icon in the bottom of the screen to chat with our team or send us an email.

Application Status

See the status of your application & time remaining to submit

After clicking Apply, you’ll be taken to our new Job application page. At the top of the page you'll be shown the status of your application as well as how long you have to finish and submit it to the Employer before the Job closes.

There are two possible states for your application.

In Progress
You’re working on your application and are able to edit your cover note and contact details. You can start Challenges and review answers for any which have already been completed. Your application has not yet been sent to the Employer. 

Sent - Pending Response from Employer
You’ve finished your application and have sent it to the Employer. You can no longer make changes to your cover note and contact details. Any Challenges you’ve completed have been finalised. You can still make changes to your Paddl profile. 

Don't miss a call or email from the Employer!
Make sure to check your email regularly and ensure you’re reachable on the contact phone number you provided with your application. 


Your Paddl Profile

Update your Paddl profile before submitting an application

When applying for a job, it’s critical that your Paddl profile is complete and up to date. With that in mind, we now show you on the application page when your Paddl profile was last updated. If you need to update it, click the Edit Profile button to jump back in and spruce it up. Easy! 

Check out our simple guide how to setup your Paddl profile.


Cover Note

Explain why you’re the right candidate for the role

When applying for a Job, you’re now required to provide a short Cover Note (maximum of 1000 characters) where you can explain to the Employer why you’re the perfect person for the position. 

A strong Cover Note and Paddl profile are the key tools at your disposal to help you secure the role - so make the most of them!  

Hot Tip
You can use basic Markdown to format your Cover Note (to bold or italicise text etc). Learn how to use Markdown on Paddl.


Contact Details

Provide your contact details so an Employer can get in touch

You now need to provide your contact details when applying for a Job so an Employer can easily contact you. 
Email Address
We automatically prefill this for you based on the email address linked to your Paddl profile. If this is incorrect or is not the best way for an Employer to contact you, update it via your Account Settings before you submit your application. 
Hot Tip
You can use any email address on Paddl. It is not required to be one provided by your educator.
Contact Phone Number (Required)
To submit a Job application you're required to provide a phone number. Make sure to use the number where you are most likely to be reached (eg: your mobile). This is the the phone number an Employer will call you on if they wish to speak to you about your application.
Skype (Optional)
If you use Skype, you can include your username here. This is not required, but useful to provide anyway (for example, if an Employer can't reach you or to conduct a remote interview etc).
After you add your contact details for the first time they’ll be automatically saved to your Paddl profile. Next time you apply for a job they’ll be right there, prefilled for you. Sweet!  



View and complete any Challenges required

Some Jobs on Paddl may require you to complete various Challenges before you can submit your application. In these cases you'll be shown the Challenges on both the listing and application pages. 
On the application page you'll be able to start a Challenge, and if completed see your answers. When ready to begin a Challenge, get started by clicking the button. 
After you’ve begun, make sure to follow all instructions carefully. You won’t be able to go back if you make a mistake.
You’ll need to complete all of the Challenges required before you can submit your application. 

Once you've completed any Challenges you'll be shown a summary of your answers. Once your application has been submitted you'll find out how you went. These results form your Application Score, which Employers can use to compare candidates.

Venture forth brave explorer!

There's a lot more packed into this update, including loads of user interface improvements, tweaks and polish (with more on the way) - but we'll let you find those for yourself. After all, unlocking your full potential means diving in headfirst. Let us know what you think! :-)

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