Paddl Feature Release: New Employer Application Tools

July 03, 2017
By Jordan McNamara

We’ve released a complete overhaul of the way Job applications are handled on Paddl. These changes introduce a suite of new features designed to help you quickly compare, manage and sort applicants for the Job Campaigns you post on Paddl. Not only do these improvements save you time, they also give you greater insight into each candidate who applies for your Job.

Read on for an overview of these changes.

Creating & Managing Campaigns

As part of this update, we’ve introduced a new Campaigns overview page. This page shows you a filterable list of all of your Open, ready for Review and Draft campaigns, and allows you to create a new Campaign.

Campaign States & Filtering

Juggling multiple Campaigns on Paddl is now even easier. By filtering Campaigns on their Open, ready for Review or Draft status - you can save time and focus on what matters. On the Campaigns page, just click the appropriate filter to show your matching jobs.

Open Campaigns are live on Paddl and accepting applications. Campaigns remain open for 30 days from when you posted the Job. After 30 days they move into the Review state and no further applications will be accepted. At any point while a Campaign is Open, you can review applications received and contact candidates.

Campaigns in Review are no longer accepting applications and are ready for your review. After 30 days, your campaign will be Archived and you'll no longer be able to view applications - so make sure to use this time to go through and contact applicants.

Draft campaigns have not yet been published to Paddl. Each time you create a new Campaign, we save your edits automatically. Come back here when you're ready to finalise the campaign and post it.

Creating New Campaigns

To create a new Campaign, click the + icon at the top of the Campaigns page.

Challenge Modules
When creating a new campaign, you can now add Challenge Modules. These help you to quickly qualify and compare applicants for your Job.

You can use Challenges to find out things like;

  • Whether an applicant is available to work the hours you require

  • If they have a skill or certification needed to do the job (eg: an RSA certificate for hospitality)

  • If their attitudes are aligned to your values or requirements for the job

Once an applicant has finished the Challenge, they cannot change their answers, and after they submit their application they'll be given a score telling them how they performed.

There are many ways you can use Challenges to test your applicants and find out more about them. We've designed them to be as flexible as possible. If you'd like ideas and guidance on how you can best use Challenges - please get in touch with our team! We'd love to help.  

We plan to add new Challenges for you to add to Campaigns in the near future.

Managing Applications

We’ve introduced a suite of improvements to help you manage and compare applicants for your Paddl campaigns.

Applications Page

Job applications are now sorted based on the Campaign they are for. On the Applications page you’ll find a list of all of your Open and ready for Review Campaigns, as well as the number of applications you’ve received for that Campaign and the time remaining before the time before the Campaign transitions to ready for Review or is Archived.

 Click on a Campaign to review the received Job applications you’ve received for it.

Job Applications Page

After clicking on a Campaign from the Applications page, you will be shown;

  • The total number of applicants

  • The average Application Score for all applicants to the Campaign

  • A list of all applications received for the Campaign and the individual Application Score of the candidates

The newest applications you receive appear at the top of the list. We plan to add additional options to filter and sort (eg: Application Score) in the future.

Application Score
When reviewing applications for a Job, we now show you each candidate's Application Score. The Application Score allows you to quickly compare and identify stand-out candidates who have applied for your Campaign.

The score is currently determined by the number of correct answers a candidate has given when completing any Challenges required for their application. We plan to take into account additional factors when calculating this score in the future.

When reviewing applications for a Campaign, you'll be shown each individual candidate's Application Score as well as the average Application Score of all applicants.

Reviewing a Candidate's Application

After clicking the individual application you'd like to review, you'll be shown;

  • A link to their Paddl profile

  • Answers to any Challenges they completed

  • Their contact details

  • Their Cover Note

The current implementation of the Application summary page is temporary while we work on an upgraded version with improved design and functionality coming soon.

Paddl Profile
When reviewing applicants for a Campaign, we suggest that you review their Paddl profile in addition to their application. Profile pages provide valuable additional information about an applicant and help you make a more informed decision when choosing who to hire.

Access an applicant’s Paddl profile by clicking ‘Student Profile’ when viewing their application.

Challenge Answers
If you’ve required applicants to complete a Challenge as part of their application, you’ll be shown their individual answers at the top of their application summary.

Cover Note
Every candidate is required to provide a short Cover Note as part of their application, where they explain why they believe they are the right choice for the Job.

Reviewing each applicant’s Cover Note and their Paddl profile (as well as their Application Score & Challenge result) are the key ways for you to determine who is the best fit for the role. 

Following up With a Candidate
If you'd like to speak with an applicant further (eg: to find out more about their application or interview them) - use the contact details provided on this page to get in touch with them directly. 

If you're having trouble reaching the candidate, please get in touch with our team and we'll do our best to help.

That's It!

That's a summary of some of the key features released with this update. We believe they dramatically improve the experience and will help speed up the process of securing your business the best talent for the job.

And this is just the beginning... This update lays the groundwork for exciting future functionality which we plan to introduce over the coming months and ongoing.

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions or feedback! We’d love to hear what you think.

Try it!

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