Laura & Peter on working with Metro Trains

July 24, 2017
By Jordan McNamara

Metro Trains, Melbourne's metropolitan rail provider recently hired three students from Deakin University to help their HR team recruit new train drivers.

The psychology & business students were responsible for conducting back-to-back interviews with the applicants and scoring them based on set criteria. this experience gave them the opportunity to put their education into practice and increase their employability following graduation.

We spoke with two of the students afterwards to find out how they found working with Metro and what they thought of Paddl.


Bachelor of Commerce - Deakin University

On Paddl

"Getting started with Paddl was no problem at all. My profile was set up and I had applied for the job with Metro within 5 minutes. The Paddl team had great communication throughout the entire process, from when I applied (I was contacted minutes later) to attending the briefing at Metro Trains. 

"Paddl provides students with little to no experience the opportunity to genuinely be considered for an industry specific role which they would usually be overlooked for."

On working with Metro Trains

"Each day we interviewed 12 of the applicants, each HR student was paired with a Train depot manager. The experience was great, I got to work with a diverse range of people from Metro and gain an insight into what it is like working there from people in various positions."
"This opportunity will help me standout when applying for jobs in the future, compared to other students who graduated with the same degree."



Bachelor of Psychological Science - Deakin University

On Paddl

"My Paddl profile was very easy to set up. I was completely set up and put in my application on the same day as reading about the Metro Trains job opportunity. I had a good experience with Paddl so I still look at it for any jobs I may be suited to. There is a long time until I graduate fully (5 more years including masters or doctorate)."
"Paddl is a great service for students to find valuable paid work experience."

On working with Metro Trains

"Each day consisted of interviewing the train drivers applicants. A standout memory was the process Metro uses for hiring. The process developed by their Org Psych consultant removed most levels of personal bias from the interview process, ensuring the interviews themselves, and the scoring of the interviews was as objective as possible. As a psychology student I found this style of interviewing very progressive and inspiring. It also displayed areas where interviewers commonly make personal attributions that are not relevant to job selection, which this process prevented from occurring."
"Metro was a highly professional, progressive company. I would welcome any opportunity to work with them again."
"I am studying psychology and currently looking for jobs in health and/or HR to build my experience. Jobs such as HR Assistant with Metro prove I am adaptable and have learned from my studies. I am very satisfied with the experience and it was a great learning opportunity."


A big congratulations to the students on their placement with Metro Trains!

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