Ahmed Ali on his Mentorship with Curve Tomorrow

August 14, 2017
By Jordan McNamara

In a previous post we wrote about the importance of students gaining as much exposure to different experiences and roles with different employers as possible before graduation, to ensure they are job ready when they finish their studies. 

Ahmed Ali is an electrical engineering student from RMIT who we recently connected to one of these opportunities. Ahmed is currently undertaking a unique mentorship experience with a director and cofounder of leading health technology firm, Curve Tomorrow.

We recently spoke to Ahmed about the experience and what he's gotten from it.

Ahmed Ali

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) (Honours) - RMIT University


On the Mentorship with Curve Tomorrow

"The Mentorship program has been awesome. Not many students have the opportunity to be mentored by a experienced director and engineer. I like that I'm getting a feel for both the business and technical side of engineering."

"When starting with Curve Tomorrow on the 28th of June, the mentorship was initially planned as a 10 hour experience. However they've been very flexible and have offered me much more time depending on what I want to achieve throughout the program."


More Than Just a Mentorship

"What started off as a Mentorship has grown into something much more substantial. I'm now working with Curve Tomorrow on a product which will count as my final year project for the course I'm doing at RMIT."

"Curve Tomorrow offer health-based iOS apps to users as part of their business. Since I am an electrical engineering student, we identified an opportunity for me to create a new wearable device with them which monitors the wearers vital health indicators. This includes their blood pressure, oxygen levels and even their sleep patterns. The signals and feedback from that device will then feed into Curve Tomorrow's apps and present the data back to the user. It really goes to show that the opportunities are endless."

Ahmed at RMIT

"During the interview, Sanji (CEO & co-founder) was very helpful and gave me some really insightful background and history on the business and explained how Curve Tomorrow started."

"I personally was confused before this program as to which exact field I would like to work at once graduating. I am now more focused and this has helped me to hone in on a field to work in I think I'll enjoy."


On Paddl

"Setting up an account was very easy. The communication was great and the timing was just right, as it commenced during the semester break."

"I will absolutely use Paddl to find more experiences and jobs like this in the future. It provides positions and opportunities like this mentorship that simply don't exist on the traditional job boards and search engines."

"I would like to sincerely thank both parties for their efforts in helping students achieve valuable experience while studying. I'd love to see more people be able to to access opportunities like the one I've had with Curve Tomorrow."

Ahmed is a shining example of a student who proactively works to build their experience before graduation. We're so pleased to hear how much value Ahmed has gotten from the mentorship and the opportunities it has created up for him now and after graduation. Bravo!  

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