Student Guide to Paddl

July 04, 2016
By Robelen Bajar

Find your way around someplace new can be daunting to say the least, especially when it involves applying for a job. We’ve put together a quick crash course to help you get the best result when applying for roles in Paddl.

1. Setting up your profile

First things first — you’ll want to make sure you’ve uploaded a clear, professional photo of yourself in Paddl. This gives employers a face to the name and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Setting your Paddl profile pic

Setting your Paddl profile pic

Next, make sure your ‘About Me’ section in your profile is filled in with a paragraph or two about who you are and what sets you apart. You could include things like your interests, why you got into your industry, what your goals are, and what you want to learn. Remember this is your opportunity to really make a lasting impression with an employer! An example of what a Health Administration student at a TAFE might say would be:

2. Applying for a job

Now you’ve got a pretty dope looking profile, it’s time to apply for a job that stands out to you. Paddl utilises unique data matching techniques to align relevant casual and part time employment to your qualifications — we only show you jobs you’re qualified for. You can apply for any of these jobs by answering simple pre-screening questions and then sending the employer a message to introduce yourself. You must send a message for the employer to receive your application.


3. Make a lasting impression

This is when you get to stand out and make that lasting impression that’ll win over your future employer. It’s important to introduce yourself, mention the job you’re applying for, match your skills and experiences with the skills and experiences required by the job and express your eagerness in the industry and the role.

Another crucial point to include is a summary of why you want the job and are right for it. This is something that employers look for which doesn’t exist too often in resumes and cover letters.


If you have any other issues or are having trouble understanding the product, feel free to click the small blue button at the bottom right of the screen to speak to a friendly Paddl crew member.

Happy exploring!