Paddl for Employers: 5 Common Questions

June 20, 2016
By Robelen Bajar

Q: What is Paddl?

A: Paddl is a web application that gives businesses large and small access to relevant Students, eager for casual work in your industry.

Get a first look at the emerging talent in your industry.

Q: What is a Paddl job?

A: Paddl jobs can be any type of casual, part-time or project-based work opportunities that are matched to Students in relevant fields of study. For example:

  • A Health Student working as a casual receptionist for a health clinic
  • An IT Student manning the the help desk at a tech company
  • A Hospitality Student working as waitstaff for a catering company

Q: How is Paddl different to other job boards?

A: Unlike other jobs boards, Paddl provides Employers with a highly filtered pool of quality applicants. Paddl matches your casual jobs to local Students who are studying relevant qualifications, meaning you will only ever receive applications from those who are skilled and committed to your industry.

Paddl was built to simplify the tedious task of reading hundreds of resumes and cover letters. Employers can simply view an applicant’s Paddl Profile and chat with the Students directly, all from within the app.

Paddl pre-qualifies Students studying in your field, filtering out irrelevant applicants saving your business time and money.

Paddl makes it easy to find casual and part-time staff.

Paddl makes it easy to find casual and part-time staff.

Q: What Students have access to Paddl?

A: Paddl partners with Educators who invite their Students to activate profiles and gain valuable experience. This helps ensure integrity and relevance in the Paddl Student community.

All Paddl Students are invited and validated by their Educator to ensure integrity and relevance to your industry.

Q: How much does it cost to post a Paddl job?

A: It’s completely free to register as an Employer and job ads are just a one-off of $50 + GST per position. There are no additional placement fees if your Paddl Student is an absolute superstar and is offered a full-time position.

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