Paddl for Educators: 7 Common Questions

June 20, 2016
By Robelen Bajar

Q: What is Paddl?

A: Paddl is a web application that connects your Students to paid, course-relevant jobs while studying, maximising their employment outcomes.

Q: Why choose Paddl as an Educator?

A: Paddl enables Educators to unlock employment opportunities for their students, creating a pipeline of job-ready, experienced graduates. Paddl helps you to:

  • Attract and retain Students building your reputation as an Educator of choice
  • Build Employer connections easily to increase your industry currency
  • Gain insights into Student activity and industry value with reporting and analytics

Q: How does the process work for a Paddl Educator?

A: Paddl is customisable to each Educator’s unique offering and needs. You tell us which Students, courses or locations you want to target, and when you want to grant access. We’ll then do the heavy-lifting by finding and securing relevant jobs and industry partners, marketing your courses and students, and reporting on all monthly activity.

Paddl connects your Students to casual jobs relevant to their field of study.

Paddl connects your Students to casual jobs relevant to their field of study.

Q: We already have a job placement program, why would we need Paddl?

A: Paddl doesn’t replace your existing career services, instead it supports your initiatives by unlocking new course-relevant opportunities. Paddl connects Students with paid, part-time, casual, and project-based jobs, helping them build out their experience.

Q: As an Educator, do we need to find jobs for our students?

A: Of course not. We use unique data matching to find and secure only relevant employers and jobs for your Students. This means your Students only see jobs that match their field of study and are prioritised by proximity to campus location.

Q: How often are jobs updated in Paddl for your students?

A: Paddl Employers are signing up daily and posting exciting opportunities across all industry sectors (within Paddl we refer to these as Villages).

Q: What level of commitment do we have to make?

A: Paddl is customisable to your needs — you have control over how many Students you invite and at what pace.

Only you can unlock Paddl for your Students. Contact us to find out how: