15 Easy Ways to Stress Less During Exam Time

June 17, 2016
By Robelen Bajar

1. Keep Calm

Panic in some form is inevitable — just don’t let it rule your life. Feel the fear, take a breath, know you’ll get through this and move onto tip #2.

2. Plan, Plan, Plan.


The best laid plans are plans that are actually… well, made.

Get out your exam timetable and work backwards to where you are (no matter how long or short that distance is).

3. Schedule Your Time

Now that you’ve got an idea of how much time you’ve got, break it down. Putting ‘study’ across a whole day will leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. Break down your mornings, afternoons and evenings into papers or even chapters.

4. Get in the Mood

Never listened to classical music before? Well, it’s now your best friend. Studies have shown that listening to classical music can increase your receptiveness to new information and even boost test scores. No idea where to start? Soundcloud and Spotify have some pretty sweet playlists to get your Mozart on.

5. Know How You Learn Best


Are you a crayon fiend or an amateur rapper? Use it to your advantage! Change those lyrics slightly to include your most difficult notes, and draw diagrams of those complex ideas. Interpreting things in your own way will make sure you’re absorbing what you study.

6. Don't Be A Loner

Sometimes you need someone to keep you accountable and focussed. Whether it’s a parent or a study buddy, make sure you’re checking in with someone and not slowly turning into a hermit.

7. Treat Yo Self


Studying is hard work — make sure you give yourself plenty of breaks and rewards to get you through your sessions. Just ensure it’s in moderation!

8. Embrace Procrastination

Know that no-one is ever going to turn into a perfect student overnight and unfortunately procrastination is inevitable with long periods of concentrating. Learn to recognise when it’s hitting you and take a break, or get some fresh air.

9. Switch Off


Simplify your study area and turn off anything that you know is going to distract you (hello Facebook notifications). Yes, that means literally putting your phone in the other room if you must. In extreme cases, you can even resort to apps like Cold Turkey and SelfControl.

10. Fuel Up

It’s easy to fall into bad habits when things get tough. Make sure your cupboards are stocked with healthy options that keep you fuelled for the long run, not just an immediate fix (looking at you, coffee and chocolate).

11. Get Outdoors

Not only for the sake of maintaining your sunlight levels, but stretching your legs can often give you a new perspective of things. You can also use it as an opportunity to test yourself on what you’ve learnt away from your desk.

12. Hit The Hay


There may not ever feel like there are enough hours in the day, but remember to look after your brain and give it the rest it needs.

13. Pack A Bag

Don’t be the kid who forgets their calculator in a math exam. Try packing your bag the night before your exam and don’t forget things like snacks, back-up pens and water.

14. Look Ahead


Plan something special for once your exams are finally over. A dinner with friends, binge-watching Breaking Bad, or a weekend away are all tangible things to look forward to and get you through exam time.

15. Don't Stop Growing

Once you’ve recovered from exams, make the most of your free time by finding work experiences that actually use the skills you’ve just crammed in. We hear Paddl is pretty good at helping you find work experiences that are relevant to your field of study. Funny that.