Don’t Underestimate Your Intern: Vol. 2

July 21, 2016
By Robelen Bajar

Incorporating an internship program into your business hasn’t caught on in Australia as much as it has elsewhere in the world (looking at you, USA).

While the initial costs of hiring an intern may seem to outweigh the benefits, bringing on an intern has in fact been shown to improve communication, creativity and capacity amongst teams. Here’s where we celebrate stories of intern success and show just how powerful an asset they can be.

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Lee Miller, an all around mastermind in the fields of photography, fashion and journalism didn’t have the most conventional career path. In fact, she was quite prone to accidents and luck landing her in the right place at the right time.

Her first break as a model came in 1926 when she stepped in front of a car in Manhattan, only to be pulled to safety by Condé Nast — the publisher of Vogue magazine. Less than a year later and she was featured in illustration form on the cover.

Lee Miller during her time as a foreign war correspondent (via Heal’s)

Lee Miller during her time as a foreign war correspondent (via Heal’s)

Lee’s love of photography eventually led her away from modelling and took her to France in 1929. Her intention was to present herself to Man Ray (a pioneering photographer of the time) as his intern, but she was quickly rejected; Man Ray didn’t take on students. Unphased by the rejection, Lee tried again and again to become his apprentice and, luckily one day, she succeeded.

The real magic here though lies in another of Lee’s mistakes. While working alongside Man Ray in his studio, Miller accidentally re-exposed a photo to light as it was developing. Assuming the photo was ruined, she threw it in the bin only to later realise that the process had caused a unique reaction to occur. This later came to be known as the Sabattier effect, or Solarisation and is a widely used technique still to this day.

Lee Miller and Man Ray’s relationship ended after a few years, but the experience she gained during their time together led her to becoming the phenomenal photographer that she grew to be. It goes to show, sometimes a bit of misfortune and a dash of luck can lead you to great things!

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