5 Ways Technology Can Transform Your Business

September 07, 2016
By Robelen Bajar

As a small business, it can be hard to create the structure and processes that larger companies can afford.

Luckily, however, we live in a world where technology is disrupting every aspect of our lives for the better — including our professional lives.

As a small startup company ourselves, the CareerLounge team relies heavily on technology to help maximise our time, effort and money across all areas of the business. Here are our top five platforms that we’ve tried, tested and loved.

1. Trello

Have difficulty managing tasks and workflows within and across teams? Trello will be your new best friend. Imagine a pin board and a to-do list had a futuristic child and that’s basically the wonder that Trello is. You can create cards, boards and lists, and organise them fluidly to make task-management a process that’s… dare we say, fun!

Our Favourite Feature: The ease of dragging and dropping tasks to organise them. Nothing is sweeter than seeing your work literally progress.

Where To Learn More: trello.com


2. Dropbox

Ever got into the office only to realise that you’ve left an important document at home? The wonderful world of technology is here to save your bacon. While there are a few file sharing platforms out there, Dropbox is the leader in making sure all your documents are secured safely online, making them accessible anywhere, on any device.

Our Favourite Feature: We love the customisations you can add around sharing. Expiry dates and passwords, yes please!

Where To Learn More: dropbox.com


3. Google Apps

The mother of all things integrated: if you aren’t already using Google’s suite of apps, prepare to have your mind blown. From organising your schedule and enabling video chat, to creating sharable documents and spreadsheets, Google Apps will literally save you hours of time and increase efficiency amongst teams of any size. Use one app, use many — it’s up to you! We’d recommend getting started with Inbox and Calendar and letting the magic happen from there.

Our Favourite Feature: Three words — Google Hangout Effects. You’ll never have another boring video conference again.

Where To Learn More: apps.google.com.au


4. Xero

Do terms like ‘asset depreciation deductions’ scare the living daylights out of you? Then say hello to Xero. The friendly face of all things finance. For a small business, Xero makes it easy to send and collect invoices, pay your staff, keep track of expenses, and even takes the terror out of EOFY season.

Our Favourite Feature: You can manage requests for time off from Xero too, making it that much easier to finally take the holiday you’ve been planning.

Where To Learn More: xero.com


5. Paddl

We may be a bit bias here, but we do speak from experience when we say we’ve found some seriously talented Students through Paddl that have helped our business to reach new heights. Paddl makes it easy to connect with Students in your industry, helping you find the up-and-coming talent you need to take your business to the next level. Whether you’re in the field of aviation, engineering, community services or even health, Paddl makes your casual and part-time recruitment a breeze.

Our Favourite Feature: We made it, so we kind of love all of it.

Where To Learn More: paddljobs.com


Have a recommendation for a technology platform that has changed your business? Share it in the comments below!