100 Trial Participants Needed for Innovation Project

May 28, 2018
By Robelen Bajar

Metro Trains is running an Innovation Project between June to August around personal safety. The project involves trialling a mobile app during this period to gather data for the project team.

100 trial participants are required to test the mobile app during the course of their daily commute on Metro. A diverse group of people are needed - all are welcome to apply.

What's required of you?

We need your help to gather data. The task is super simple but essential: use the app when you need to or want to during your commute on the Metro Trains rail network in the event you need to report an incident.

Successful trial participants will attend a pre-trial briefing and induction day so you can be on your way. More details about the project will be provided in this session.

At the end of the trial period, you will also be required to attend an interview session. During this session, we will get your feedback and ask questions about your overall experience.

What's in it for you?

For helping us gather data, you get to support an exciting innovation project that is likely to impact thousands of Melbourne rail users.

Plus, Metro Trains will provide Trial Participants with a gift to say thanks!

Want in?

This opportunity is exclusive to Paddl, so update your Paddl profile and get involved in the Metro Trains Innovation Project. Don’t have a profile yet? Create one today!

The Innovation Project

For background information, check out our Paddl Games journey with Metro Trains. It started with an Ideation Challenge in September 2017, followed by a Validation project in November 2017. We are now in the Trial phase and we need you in!